I'm Rahadian Wibisono.
An IT Enthusiast, Code Lovers, Seasonal Cosplayer, Moody Photographer, and One Timer DJ.

Work / Experience

I am currently working at PT. Sicepat Ekspres Indonesia as a Solution Architect, a part of IT Infrastructure Team. Currently we are managing Sicepat backend.

In the past, I worked at Tokopedia from March 2014 until September 2018 as Software Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer, at MSP Enterprise as Site Relibility Engineer for SuperSoccer.TV from October 2018 until December 2018, and also at PT. GMV as a Solution Architect / Site Reliability Engineer for Mola.TV

Non-Working Project

After work, I do have some projects that I like to code. Lately, I've been focusing on Rabbit Sky TV, watch platform for its open source project Rabbit Sky.

But there are others, I made Congklak Single Player Game and Four Strike Zero Ball Game.

Side Hobbies

Other than codes, I have lots of others hobbies!
But what I like the mosts are Photography, Cosplay, DJ-ing, and Sleeping.

The photo is an example of my Cosplay in 2018 as Tokoyami from Boku-No Hero Academia. Other cosplays I did are: Kuma / Teddie from Persona 4 (2014), Fumoffu from Full Metal Panic (2015), Big Morgana from Persona 5 (2017).

Stay in touch!

Feel free to send me an E-Mail for Offering or just saying hi!
Or send me message on my Social Media: